Friday, June 29, 2007

More storms.....

It's hard to imagine that these thunder storms can go on for hours.....well, they did last evening/night!! And the! Now, I'm in awe of thunder storms but they are affecting my husband's ability to go out to work. Yes, he left bright and early but on trying to get into the dirt road leading to the Oil lease he's working at, he found trucks that had rode the mud and skidded this way and that. A big tanker truck thought that stopping and putting on chains was not necessary, found itself sideways and now waiting for a Cat to pull it out. Now, hubby isn't complaining mind you....he gets a full day pay cuz the Consultant wasn't on the ball to call the job off today....bonus! It'll take a few days to dry off.
So, he's home for the July 1st long weekend....yay! But we have no plans to go camping.....too wet :)