Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Goodbye July

Can it be?? July is just about behind us and we look into the second half of summer?? For us August is a full month and will fly by as days usually do when we're having fun! We're cruising very quickly into BC's long weekend (BC Day). So many awesome events going on around the province this weekend. One that I fondly remember is Ceremony of the Flags, performed in front of the Parliament Buildings in Victoria. Our son that's getting married was a Sea Cadet that participated in the Ceremony in the Drill section.....meaning he carried a rifle, did all the maneuvers and shot off rounds of live ammunition, strictly for that occasion. Cannons boomed,flags waved and the band played. Such discipline in the ranks of young men and women,all proud to wear the uniform, to salute to this country of Freedom...all very Patriotic.
Well, that's how we spent a few BC Day long weekends. It doesn't matter what it is you plan, but make memories with family and friends.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Treasures and bunnies (dust, that is)

As you have read here before, Mondays are usually a cleaning day for me. I try to keep to that schedule cuz then I know that at least once a week cleaning gets done :P
I had noticed since spring that me blinds are terribly were the window sills. Problem is that I'd finally get through the typical cleaning and a plop on the couch later on and the sun has by then moved to the other side of my home and I forget all about the blinds. I decided today to tackle them. I vacuumed almost all of them but the one in the kitchen window is....well, gross!! Dust laden grease!! Very hard to clean without taking them down, drop them into a tub of hot, sudsy water and scrubbing. Just spraying a cleaner onto them while me it makes for a drippy mess and then leaves streaks of clean where the cleaner ran down. So, I think I'm going to take the darn things down and replace them with kitchen curtains that I can wash!! That decision made, I felt like I had accomplished a lot. My next thing was to remove couch pillows and vacuum under them. Oh joys....I could have made that my lunch, only I started a diet, not really, but I just told myself that so I wouldn't feel like all that food has gone to waste..LOL! Oh yes, I also found pens, a penny and gum package foil....hmmmm.
Well, that's my treasure hunt for the month :)

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Tomatoe or Tomauto?

Can you imagine life without the quirky, unique people you encounter each day. Each one thinks they are "normal" in every way, even though we pass some by and think how different they dress than you, or have different habits than you. In this ever changing world, who gets to make up the new rules?? Who says hot pink colored hair is cool? Who says talking on a cell phone in the restaurant is wrong and breaks etiquette rules? Who says skate-boarders wear a certain style but hockey players wear something entirely different? I was reading "Letters to the Editor" in a popular magazine and couldn't help but wonder.....why do we complain about so many different things? Why can we not accept the differences that make up this crazy world we live in? This morning we heard from a group of young adults how diverse culture is in Ukraine, where they went for a trip. Do you know how the people in Ukraine see us? They envy our Canadian Government. Yes, you read compared to Communism and now a fledgling Government that is struggling for their own identity....we're envied. Now, try to wrap that around your brain. Makes me wonder...what are we complaining about....really??!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Gift of Friendship

It's so fun to celebrate Birthdays.....I just went out for lunch with a friend, who's Birthday was yesterday. We may not particularly like to think of our age, but it's still fun, and a good excuse, to go out and have a good visit, laugh and catch up with friends.
Then there are the gifts....I love gifts :) I love to give them and I love to receive them. Even something little from the Dollar store is precious to me because it means someone was thinking of me.....and picked out that little thing with me in mind.
Don't wait for a special date or occasion to let your loved ones know you're thinking of them....a gift can be as little as a post-it note or as much as a's the thought that counts.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Hump day....a good day to take a deep breath and admire the view from the top of the mound.....looking toward the rest of the week. I got spoiled this morning. I am one of those crazy women who pays to get my hair colored, highlighted and cut. I know I'd save a ton of money a year if I would only color it myself, BUT I'm spoiled and I enjoy the pampering, so there :P Now I look in my mirror and enjoy how it looks fresh and vibrant again....and it makes me feel so pretty and roots, no dull and faded hair.....just shiny red hair with contrasting blond highlights.
My other splurge is getting a lip-rip. Again, I could do it myself and have done it that way for years, BUT I'm spoiled and I enjoy the pampering (wait, did I say pampering??)...ur, I mean I enjoy the silky softness afterwards :P
AND, my other splurge was to get my brows waxed and reshaped. I want to look my best for my son's wedding and so, darn it, I got the gal to include that for me...I'm spoiled....I'm sure all women want some pampering(ooppsss, I said that word again) um ya, I mean silky, smooth skin???

Monday, July 23, 2007

Kilts, Bagpipes and Leprechauns

Monday always comes with certain chores I like to get behind me.....laundry, cleaning floors and possibly dusting. Since it's another sunny day, I've gotten those done and plan to sit outside to read after lunch.
I'm getting SO excited about my son's upcoming wedding!!! We leave in exactly 2 weeks....wahoo! I talked with him today and they are crazy busy right now on top of final wedding plans. They are selling his house and have moved into her newer(3) house. It's got a full basement suite, which they are moving into and renting out the upstairs, which will pretty much pay the mortgage. But that also means finishing up reno's in his house and then listing it.
But, on the exciting side again.....they got their honeymoon package and were so pleasantly surprised that it wasn't only plane tickets, but each a piece of luggage, luggage tags, free passes to get into Disney Land theme parks(where they are going first, taking their son along), free meal vouchers for the tour thru Ireland/Scotland( where they are going after dropping their son off with grandparents).
I'm very envious and thinking that somehow we certainly got the short end of the stick for our honeymoon! All our friends just stayed in Canada....maybe made it to Niagara Falls or Vancouver Island......hmmmmm, even that sounds exciting to me....we went to a cabin on a snowed the third day there....boy, do I feel gypped!!
Ok, all joking aside, I'm thrilled that they get to go somewhere fantastic....don't we always want better for our kids? ;)

Friday, July 20, 2007

End of the week OR beginning of weekend?

Living is sometimes what we make it to half empty or half full? One thing I'm learning is that often a circumstance can change, if in attitude only. I cave into the blues or the gossip or doubt or simply telling myself I'm not worthy of the good.....BUT, I can stop and take a deep breath and start speaking the truth to myself. It's not "mind power" so much as telling the truth rather than the lie. Wow, don't I sound philosophical?? :)
You see, in the Shopaholic book I'm reading I see how the main character runs away from her problems, which doesn't solve them at all. I know, you ask, is she crazy, learning lessons from fiction....hey, I'll take it anywhere I can find
I guess the bottom line here is that if we truly believe that there are good times ahead and that we ARE important in this world, then we will be and our world will go on with rows of roses to stop and smell :)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Planes, tanks and Automobiles

It's definitely cooled off and I love it!! It's rained some but otherwise it's very lovely out there. I told you about the 2 1/2 year-old twins that live just across the cul-de-sac from us.....well, yesterday I had them over with their big sis (6) and we made a little neighborhood on the driveway complete with streets, house, garage, gas station, restaurant and park,with chalk. Fun! Then they came in and got trucks and cars and army men/vehicles to play with in the neighborhood. Their Mom was mowing the lawn but gave up cuz it was just too muggy and hot for her to complete it. We pulled out drinks and lawn chairs and just enjoyed sitting in the shade :)
So see.....I am getting my share of kid! I'm bumming around the house for now and have started the "Shopaholic" book series. It's scary to read about a gal that's so much like me....eeek!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Morning Solitude

It's SO quiet around here.....the neighborhood, that is. I usually hear kid's voices in the school playground and vehicles come and go....just general activity in this Cul-de-Sac. Seems like everyone is either on vacation or taking off to go do some summer day-trip or go off to the water park, the play areas and just trying to keep the kids from being bored this soon into the summer break. Not that I don't enjoy the peaceful quiet, I just miss the happy chaos of fall/winter mornings.
I can pretty much predict that there are Moms reading this that would gladly bring their kids over to "help" me get over whatever it is I think I'm it...this too shall pass :) I am enjoying the solitude of a summer morning all of a sudden..LOL!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Welcome rain

It's clouded over and the coolness is SO welcome. I don't even DARE complain cuz the last time I complained about winter, it's dumped snow, so....
But I can smell rain in the air and am enjoying the fragrant, freshness.The past few days I've developed a nasty heat rash which wouldn't be so bad if it were everywhere else but all over my face. I've had a rash before but never this bad on my face and it gets irritated with the salty sweat and anything I put on my face...ugh!
Hubby is working night shift and although he really doesn't like switching over his sleeping habits, it makes for a more comfortable time at work.
It feels like this month is just zooming by. I guess it's anticipation for our son's wedding and all the plans that go with it. I have a feeling that by the time we get home mid-August, I'll feel like summer has been a blur. That's why I don't want to complain but enjoy each day :)

Friday, July 13, 2007

Dog Days of Summer

The temp is already way up there and the morning isn't even half over....oy, it's going to be a sizzler! Already I've thought of jumping into a cool bath, but I'm afraid I'd be rather pruny by the end of the day, don't you think? Anyhow, I think I'm going to sit in the shade and see if that helps...hmmm

Thursday, July 12, 2007


You Are a Life Blogger!

Your blog is the story of your life - a living diary.
If it happens, you blog it. And make it as entertaining as possible.

Is it a pool?

Well, I had a good idea....I'm VERY hot from mowing the lawn and even though it is mostly in the shade, I still could feel the sweat trickling down my back, forehead....well, everywhere. So, since I don't have a pool, nor want to sit under the sprinkler (can you say wet t-shirt contest?) I decided to fill my jet tub with water that is just a tad too cold, but not freezing either, to cool my core temperature.
Light Bulb moment!! :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Is there enough string to go around?

Ok, I get such a charge out of listening to the News some days. Listen to this.....
Question: Should men wear speedos on the beach?
Answer(girls): Ewwww!!
Question: Should women be allowed to go topless on the beach?
Answer (guys): Absolutely.....but only if they are young and in good "shape" (what shape would that be, boys?)
Question: What do you think of women wearing thongs on the beach?
Answer (guys again): Same as above (of course!)
Question: Should we be allowed to have alcohol beverages on the beach?
Answer (guys & Gals) : Yup (who asks these questions anyway....obviously they are not asking the right people...parents!!)
Question: Should little kids be allowed to run nude on the beach?
Answer( people without kids): Yes (and of course, there wouldn't be any pedophiles on the beach....dah!)

One has to wonder if this is really news worthy info??
Who will set the rules, decide what shape, size and age are acceptable and who is really going to pay to have the beaches policed?

Wine or Whine??

It's a lovely 23c out there already this morning and promises to creep up toward the 30c mark. Our salvation is that there always seems to be a breeze, so that keeps us a bit cooler....and of course the fans blowing on high speed.....sounds like jet engines coming in for a landing but who cares??!!
So, I got an e-mail from my son's wedding coordinator.....because of the time constraints of catering the reception meal, they are now unable to "butler" the wine. They were going to go around pouring glasses of either red or white wine, making it rather more elegant than having one of each bottle on each table....which actually would cost a mere small fortune difference, leaving half empty bottles leftover, having to be chucked. Am I whining??? Yes, I'm whining about wine....and the gratuity is for???

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Single Poppy

It's a gorgeous, sunny morning and as is my morning routine for the summer, I open windows and doors to let the fresh breeze in and adjust blinds to keep the beaming sun from heating up my livingroom with it's huge windows. I also look out at my flowers. This morning I see that the plants I got from my art instructor are finally looking like they'll survive, of them is proudly waving a poppy bloom, which is bigger than the entire scrawny plant!!(that's why it's's top Now, just so you know why I'm cheering like an idiot, it's because even silk flowers tend to die off on me. I mean, sheesh, what could be the opposite of "green thumb"???"black thumb"??? Ok, so maybe I've stretched the truth just a potted plants DO seem to survive.....go figure!! So, now you know why I look out at my flowers every morning....I marvel at how they all turn sunny blooms towards the sun.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Girls Night Out

Isn't it fun to drop everything for an evening and have a Girls Night?? I told you my closest friend was in town, so we had our Girls Night last evening. Yesterday it rained the entire day, with only a lull a couple of times. So, what was supposed to be a backyard BBQ turned out to be 8 of us gathered around the diningroom table...but it did stop raining long enough to BBQ salmon fillets, chicken kabobs and corn-on-the-cob. Added to that were several salads and dessert. What fun and laughter there was as we strolled down memory lane. So many silly things we did growing up and we could now laugh about :) And the food went down rather well too. Topping it all off with coffee and strawberry cheese cake was rather sinful. We all vowed our diet begins today...yeah, right! :P One by one we got up to leave, reluctantly saying our goodbyes. How long until we can all be together again?

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Time for Family and friends

Yesterday I decided to drive to Dawson Creek to visit three of my brothers and their families at the campground right in the city. Next door to the campground is the Pioneer Village and the Rotary Lake (well, pond by my standards), which is a cement pool that is circular and is shallow along the edges and progresses to the deepest in the middle. Now last year when hubby & I took our grandkids swimming there the Lake was full to the edge, but they had to drain off the run-off water from all the storms we've had, so it was only half full this weekend. Anyhow, the kids went swimming, not caring whether the water was cold or shallow. That left us grown-ups to move our lawn chairs along with the shade :) Well, truth be told, there were a few that love the heat of the sun, but I'm NOT one of them :P I did manage to get a tad pink, despite all my efforts NOT to let that happen. I had a bit of trouble falling asleep because of that cuz the burn is on my chest and up my neck.
Part of the fun of visiting with my family is that two of my grown nieces(sisters) came out as well. The younger one is pregnant and so the conversation amongst us girls was all about babies. It's so satisfying to know I can enjoy her growing belly and talk night feeding, diapers, etc. and it not be me in that position.
I noticed too that my brother(her Dad) is SO excited about his future grandchild and is very caring of her. He totally caters to her and makes sure she comfy, warm, fed, etc. You see, so far the boyfriend is taking a "break" to see if fatherhood is an option...I could kick his butt to you-know-where, cuz in my opinion is to late to consider's time to step up and be a man!! Throw some money her way so she can start buying the things the baby will need when he or she arrives....not time to wimp out and pretend he has no responsibility.
But I's a good thing I went there yesterday cuz today it's raining. My closest friend is here visiting with her sisters, so a bunch of us are going over to another friend's place to BBQ and have a girl's night. That'll be fun!

Friday, July 6, 2007

The Ancient Art of Gabbing

I love it when my day unexpectantly fills up with those unplanned, spontaneous get togethers with family or friends....just a phone call out of the blue to ask if I'm free for coffee or lunch. Yesterday was such a day for me....I marvel at how some days it's like everyone has the same thought. That is how I landed up having coffee with Kevin, my son, then off for lunch with my parents....and then an early evening coffee with my brother and sis-in-law. Relationships with others are a vital life-line....very few of us could pull off being a hermit. We were created, especially us women, to need family and/or friends to maintain our sanity.
So, I encourage you gals.....pick up the phone and call up a friend and chat for a bit or plan a play date for your kids and then sit back and catch up with your own lives. Get together with someone for a coffee, picnic or BBQ. This is the perfect time of year for those spontaneous visits, when you don't have the tight schedule of the rest of the year.
Here's to the ancient art of gabbing :)

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Perfumed Breeze

I'm basking in the warmth of morning sunshine, the windows are wide open and just a wisp of perfumed breeze wafts in.....I love summer mornings! It promises to get up into the mid-20c's, so I'm soaking up this early morning coolness.
Hot afternoons are good for picking up my book and finding shade to sit out in to read. I am a self-proclaimed Bookworm, so it really doesn't matter what the weather is like, indoors OR outdoors, I make any excuse to get my nose into a good novel :)
Whatever you're doing today....stop and smell the's too short not to pause and enjoy a moment.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Hidden Gem

Ok....I just need to brag here for a minute. I am so darn proud of my sisters!! It seems that I am continually surprised at how talented they are. I know that Rach is very creative and artistic and has shown that thru her scrapbooking and photography skills, but I didn't know that she can spin a tale with the best of them. You see, Rach just wrote a part in a Blogger story, where various Bloggers add a few paragraphs to the storyline when their turn comes. It's an intriguing journey and one I'm sure everyone would enjoy. Take a peek for yourself and get caught up in Helen's world...

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Back at it

Here we are, back to our weekly routines. After doing our various activities for the long weekend, it's nice to get back to some sort of "normalness". For those with kids on summer break, that means a different routine but we all seem to need some kind of one, never the less.
I did manage to get some of my Mon. chores done yesterday. While hubby mowed the lawn I did some cleaning. When I brought out the vacuum cleaner I decided to change the bag as well as the Hepa filter. I didn't have a spare one so, silly me, decided to do what one gal told me worked for her, try to wash it. Well, it's a cardboard filter, dah!! We decided to go to Walmart and just get one there....not to be found....nor at Canadian Tire. I went online to order from Sears (it's a Kenmore) but I could not find any sort of filters...period! So, I called the 800 number....who knew there are so many different Hepa filters...sheesh. Couldn't Sears make all their vacuum cleaners with the same style of filter?? Anyhow, I ordered a 1/2 dozen and got the info I need to re-order in the future.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

O Canada


O Canada, our home and native land
True Patriot love in all thy sons command
with glowing hearts we see thee rise
The True North strong and free
From far and wide, O Canada
We stand on guard for thee,
God keep our land
Glorious and free
O Canada we stand on guard for thee
O Canada we stand on guard for thee!

With our Canadian troops shipped off to war, let us never take the freedom of this land for granted. Their lives are given so we can stand to sing, with proud, patriotic voices,
our National Anthem.