Friday, July 6, 2007

The Ancient Art of Gabbing

I love it when my day unexpectantly fills up with those unplanned, spontaneous get togethers with family or friends....just a phone call out of the blue to ask if I'm free for coffee or lunch. Yesterday was such a day for me....I marvel at how some days it's like everyone has the same thought. That is how I landed up having coffee with Kevin, my son, then off for lunch with my parents....and then an early evening coffee with my brother and sis-in-law. Relationships with others are a vital life-line....very few of us could pull off being a hermit. We were created, especially us women, to need family and/or friends to maintain our sanity.
So, I encourage you gals.....pick up the phone and call up a friend and chat for a bit or plan a play date for your kids and then sit back and catch up with your own lives. Get together with someone for a coffee, picnic or BBQ. This is the perfect time of year for those spontaneous visits, when you don't have the tight schedule of the rest of the year.
Here's to the ancient art of gabbing :)