Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Back at it

Here we are, back to our weekly routines. After doing our various activities for the long weekend, it's nice to get back to some sort of "normalness". For those with kids on summer break, that means a different routine but we all seem to need some kind of one, never the less.
I did manage to get some of my Mon. chores done yesterday. While hubby mowed the lawn I did some cleaning. When I brought out the vacuum cleaner I decided to change the bag as well as the Hepa filter. I didn't have a spare one so, silly me, decided to do what one gal told me worked for her, try to wash it. Well, it's a cardboard filter, dah!! We decided to go to Walmart and just get one there....not to be found....nor at Canadian Tire. I went online to order from Sears (it's a Kenmore) but I could not find any sort of filters...period! So, I called the 800 number....who knew there are so many different Hepa filters...sheesh. Couldn't Sears make all their vacuum cleaners with the same style of filter?? Anyhow, I ordered a 1/2 dozen and got the info I need to re-order in the future.