Friday, July 20, 2007

End of the week OR beginning of weekend?

Living is sometimes what we make it to half empty or half full? One thing I'm learning is that often a circumstance can change, if in attitude only. I cave into the blues or the gossip or doubt or simply telling myself I'm not worthy of the good.....BUT, I can stop and take a deep breath and start speaking the truth to myself. It's not "mind power" so much as telling the truth rather than the lie. Wow, don't I sound philosophical?? :)
You see, in the Shopaholic book I'm reading I see how the main character runs away from her problems, which doesn't solve them at all. I know, you ask, is she crazy, learning lessons from fiction....hey, I'll take it anywhere I can find
I guess the bottom line here is that if we truly believe that there are good times ahead and that we ARE important in this world, then we will be and our world will go on with rows of roses to stop and smell :)


Rach said...

Very deep, Faye! But I completely understand what you mean.