Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Goodbye July

Can it be?? July is just about behind us and we look into the second half of summer?? For us August is a full month and will fly by as days usually do when we're having fun! We're cruising very quickly into BC's long weekend (BC Day). So many awesome events going on around the province this weekend. One that I fondly remember is Ceremony of the Flags, performed in front of the Parliament Buildings in Victoria. Our son that's getting married was a Sea Cadet that participated in the Ceremony in the Drill section.....meaning he carried a rifle, did all the maneuvers and shot off rounds of live ammunition, strictly for that occasion. Cannons boomed,flags waved and the band played. Such discipline in the ranks of young men and women,all proud to wear the uniform, to salute to this country of Freedom...all very Patriotic.
Well, that's how we spent a few BC Day long weekends. It doesn't matter what it is you plan, but make memories with family and friends.