Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Is there enough string to go around?

Ok, I get such a charge out of listening to the News some days. Listen to this.....
Question: Should men wear speedos on the beach?
Answer(girls): Ewwww!!
Question: Should women be allowed to go topless on the beach?
Answer (guys): Absolutely.....but only if they are young and in good "shape" (what shape would that be, boys?)
Question: What do you think of women wearing thongs on the beach?
Answer (guys again): Same as above (of course!)
Question: Should we be allowed to have alcohol beverages on the beach?
Answer (guys & Gals) : Yup (who asks these questions anyway....obviously they are not asking the right people...parents!!)
Question: Should little kids be allowed to run nude on the beach?
Answer( people without kids): Yes (and of course, there wouldn't be any pedophiles on the beach....dah!)

One has to wonder if this is really news worthy info??
Who will set the rules, decide what shape, size and age are acceptable and who is really going to pay to have the beaches policed?