Monday, July 23, 2007

Kilts, Bagpipes and Leprechauns

Monday always comes with certain chores I like to get behind me.....laundry, cleaning floors and possibly dusting. Since it's another sunny day, I've gotten those done and plan to sit outside to read after lunch.
I'm getting SO excited about my son's upcoming wedding!!! We leave in exactly 2 weeks....wahoo! I talked with him today and they are crazy busy right now on top of final wedding plans. They are selling his house and have moved into her newer(3) house. It's got a full basement suite, which they are moving into and renting out the upstairs, which will pretty much pay the mortgage. But that also means finishing up reno's in his house and then listing it.
But, on the exciting side again.....they got their honeymoon package and were so pleasantly surprised that it wasn't only plane tickets, but each a piece of luggage, luggage tags, free passes to get into Disney Land theme parks(where they are going first, taking their son along), free meal vouchers for the tour thru Ireland/Scotland( where they are going after dropping their son off with grandparents).
I'm very envious and thinking that somehow we certainly got the short end of the stick for our honeymoon! All our friends just stayed in Canada....maybe made it to Niagara Falls or Vancouver Island......hmmmmm, even that sounds exciting to me....we went to a cabin on a snowed the third day there....boy, do I feel gypped!!
Ok, all joking aside, I'm thrilled that they get to go somewhere fantastic....don't we always want better for our kids? ;)