Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Single Poppy

It's a gorgeous, sunny morning and as is my morning routine for the summer, I open windows and doors to let the fresh breeze in and adjust blinds to keep the beaming sun from heating up my livingroom with it's huge windows. I also look out at my flowers. This morning I see that the plants I got from my art instructor are finally looking like they'll survive, of them is proudly waving a poppy bloom, which is bigger than the entire scrawny plant!!(that's why it's's top Now, just so you know why I'm cheering like an idiot, it's because even silk flowers tend to die off on me. I mean, sheesh, what could be the opposite of "green thumb"???"black thumb"??? Ok, so maybe I've stretched the truth just a potted plants DO seem to survive.....go figure!! So, now you know why I look out at my flowers every morning....I marvel at how they all turn sunny blooms towards the sun.


Rach said...

I think we inherited the same 'black thumb', unlike our other gardner sister. hee!

I'm waiting impatiently for my bachelor buttons to open their blossoms.