Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Hump day....a good day to take a deep breath and admire the view from the top of the mound.....looking toward the rest of the week. I got spoiled this morning. I am one of those crazy women who pays to get my hair colored, highlighted and cut. I know I'd save a ton of money a year if I would only color it myself, BUT I'm spoiled and I enjoy the pampering, so there :P Now I look in my mirror and enjoy how it looks fresh and vibrant again....and it makes me feel so pretty and roots, no dull and faded hair.....just shiny red hair with contrasting blond highlights.
My other splurge is getting a lip-rip. Again, I could do it myself and have done it that way for years, BUT I'm spoiled and I enjoy the pampering (wait, did I say pampering??)...ur, I mean I enjoy the silky softness afterwards :P
AND, my other splurge was to get my brows waxed and reshaped. I want to look my best for my son's wedding and so, darn it, I got the gal to include that for me...I'm spoiled....I'm sure all women want some pampering(ooppsss, I said that word again) um ya, I mean silky, smooth skin???


Rach said...

The cut and dye I'd refer to as pampering, but not the lip rip. Ouch! But you're right .. it feels good afterwards .. so well worth it!

I'm getting excited about the wedding!!!!