Sunday, July 8, 2007

Time for Family and friends

Yesterday I decided to drive to Dawson Creek to visit three of my brothers and their families at the campground right in the city. Next door to the campground is the Pioneer Village and the Rotary Lake (well, pond by my standards), which is a cement pool that is circular and is shallow along the edges and progresses to the deepest in the middle. Now last year when hubby & I took our grandkids swimming there the Lake was full to the edge, but they had to drain off the run-off water from all the storms we've had, so it was only half full this weekend. Anyhow, the kids went swimming, not caring whether the water was cold or shallow. That left us grown-ups to move our lawn chairs along with the shade :) Well, truth be told, there were a few that love the heat of the sun, but I'm NOT one of them :P I did manage to get a tad pink, despite all my efforts NOT to let that happen. I had a bit of trouble falling asleep because of that cuz the burn is on my chest and up my neck.
Part of the fun of visiting with my family is that two of my grown nieces(sisters) came out as well. The younger one is pregnant and so the conversation amongst us girls was all about babies. It's so satisfying to know I can enjoy her growing belly and talk night feeding, diapers, etc. and it not be me in that position.
I noticed too that my brother(her Dad) is SO excited about his future grandchild and is very caring of her. He totally caters to her and makes sure she comfy, warm, fed, etc. You see, so far the boyfriend is taking a "break" to see if fatherhood is an option...I could kick his butt to you-know-where, cuz in my opinion is to late to consider's time to step up and be a man!! Throw some money her way so she can start buying the things the baby will need when he or she arrives....not time to wimp out and pretend he has no responsibility.
But I's a good thing I went there yesterday cuz today it's raining. My closest friend is here visiting with her sisters, so a bunch of us are going over to another friend's place to BBQ and have a girl's night. That'll be fun!