Sunday, July 29, 2007

Tomatoe or Tomauto?

Can you imagine life without the quirky, unique people you encounter each day. Each one thinks they are "normal" in every way, even though we pass some by and think how different they dress than you, or have different habits than you. In this ever changing world, who gets to make up the new rules?? Who says hot pink colored hair is cool? Who says talking on a cell phone in the restaurant is wrong and breaks etiquette rules? Who says skate-boarders wear a certain style but hockey players wear something entirely different? I was reading "Letters to the Editor" in a popular magazine and couldn't help but wonder.....why do we complain about so many different things? Why can we not accept the differences that make up this crazy world we live in? This morning we heard from a group of young adults how diverse culture is in Ukraine, where they went for a trip. Do you know how the people in Ukraine see us? They envy our Canadian Government. Yes, you read compared to Communism and now a fledgling Government that is struggling for their own identity....we're envied. Now, try to wrap that around your brain. Makes me wonder...what are we complaining about....really??!!