Sunday, July 15, 2007

Welcome rain

It's clouded over and the coolness is SO welcome. I don't even DARE complain cuz the last time I complained about winter, it's dumped snow, so....
But I can smell rain in the air and am enjoying the fragrant, freshness.The past few days I've developed a nasty heat rash which wouldn't be so bad if it were everywhere else but all over my face. I've had a rash before but never this bad on my face and it gets irritated with the salty sweat and anything I put on my face...ugh!
Hubby is working night shift and although he really doesn't like switching over his sleeping habits, it makes for a more comfortable time at work.
It feels like this month is just zooming by. I guess it's anticipation for our son's wedding and all the plans that go with it. I have a feeling that by the time we get home mid-August, I'll feel like summer has been a blur. That's why I don't want to complain but enjoy each day :)


Krista's Camera said...

Sorry I haven't commented in awhile..holidays keeps me busy, but I have been faithfully trying to keep up with your are for sure more dedicated than I! I had to wait until I came home from holidays before I could add to mine!