Friday, August 31, 2007

Goodbye August

Dare we hope that the sunshine we have today may be a sign for the upcoming long weekend? Well, I suppose the best thing to do is welcome the bright, warm day and enjoy it and not worry about the entire weekend cuz nothing guarantees this to continue. In the meantime, we will drop whatever it is we're doing indoors and go spend a glorious day playing in the sunshine. (well, I'm not too sure what it is exactly we'll be playing at, but you get the What a great way to say goodbye to August.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Lost!'s the thing. My hubby has had this week off so far because of the muddy roads and oil well leases caused by this insufferable rainy weather. Now, I'm not used to having him around all day nor is he used to being around, although I've noticed he's drinking in this free time to work on his web-site. I decided to trade in a whole bunch of DVDs that we either don't like or will never watch again and that gave me enough $s to buy Season 2 of Lost. We were already into Season 1, so I figured that if it's so wet out and we can't possibly visit friends/family or keep ourselves otherwise amused every single moment, we may as well hunker in and watch a season or two.
What we didn't count on was how we've been subtly drawn into the vortex of the Island. I never noticed it being quite this addictive when watching it week by week, but watching one after the other grips you and you just have to know what's coming next!!
Last evening we sat here the entire time just willing them to find baby Aaron back and open that Hatch already!! We were just a few episodes from the cliff-hanger season the time we could breath again and Danielle had returned Aaron and the dynamite blew off the Hatch top, it was 1:30am!! Yup, I'd say we're officially addicted to Lost. This may seem very sad to some of you but to us it's called life in a small Northern town, where it's been raining and raining and raining!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


My friend, Krista takes loads of very unique photos. Stop by her Blog and have a peek....tell her I sent you :)

Wordless Wednesday

"Dance.....I hope you dance"

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

"So let the sun shine in...."

After days and days of rain and storms at last we see the sun! I can't help it....I've opened dorrs, windows and blinds to let the sun stream in and lift my spirit. This is the final week of summer break and I know for a fact that there are some very happy kids playing outside today. It's been so wet that our poor lawns are infested with mushrooms....yes, mushrooms!! Big white ones and small brown ones that grow in circles.....weird!
So today I say household chores can wait.....I'm going out to enjoy some sunshine :)

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Rainy Night Adventure

Last evening I had a bit of an adventure. My friend called in the aft and asked if I'd like to go with a carload of friends out to King Valley Camp where our church is having their Family Camp for four days. She wanted me to drive her car there since she has night-vision problems and her care holds one more passenger than mine. I've driven her car before and under worse weather conditions that rain(snow storm).....or so I thought :P
The Camp is located out in the country.....really out in the country!! Good thing we drove out in the daylight cuz I have no idea if I'd ever have found it otherwise. Anyhow, we joined everyone for supper and then a talent show. That was SO great!! So many families got up and strutted their stuff and we laughed and sang little kid action songs...well it was fun!
By 9:30 it was time to leave....we came out into the pouring rain. Remember me telling you about the mud around here?? Slick clay is more like it....I always say that the soil here is so saturated with oil that the mud turns into an oil slick....not that I have fact of that but that's my observation. So, we slip-slide to the car. I turn the car around, blindly make my way out to the road. There are NO street lights nor moon light to guide me and it seems as if the darkness just swallows the head lights. All of a sudden the sky opens up and we're talking rain that comes pelting down, bouncing off the ground making a fog-like layer on the road. No lines to follow??? Where the heck did the road go?? Oiy!! My friend is a "back-seat-driver" so she's telling me to switch to high-beam, watch out for the deer and slow down all in the same breath....I'm thinking "SHUT-UP!!" but am too polite to yell that out loud.
You have got to picture this scene coming up.....10% downhill grade....literally, switch-back, hair-pin corners, pouring rain and NO lines on the road whatsoever!! So, first the stretch leading up to this and then those fancy curves!!! The homestretch seems like a walk in the park in comparison. I've NEVER been SO happy in my entire life to make it back into town again. I swear I'll NEVER live on the other side of those one could pay me enough to move to Rose Prairie.....and don't let that name fool you....there are wicked curved roads with no lines for thorns on that Rose!!! As for those "precious, cute" deer....not so cute when they're starring into the high-beams of my car! How do they manage to be standing in the middle of the road all of a sudden??
There's no place like home :)

Friday, August 24, 2007

Magic Mushrooms??!!

I'm sitting here procrastinating. I have a stack of bills sitting in front of me and I SO do NOT want to spend time paying them and balancing the books *sigh* I suppose they won't up and pay themselves, but one can only dream of a time in the future where there will be a cute little robot, sitting obediently at our side, doing what we tell it to without arguing back or saying "That's not fair!".....just happy to please us :P Boy, have I eaten some magic mushrooms?? Wake up Faye! I'm back to reality. I'll pay the bills and get that behind me so I won't skirt around them all day.
Go grab that second cup of coffee and have a little break from life's demands.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Singing in the Rain

It's been stormy, rainy and now foggy the past week. I'm feeling fall in the air and have spotted more yellow leaves along the highway. I'm not ready for summer to end yet and feel like a bit of sunshine would definitely lift my spirits. So.....since that doesn't seem to be happening any time soon, what I need to do is crank the music up and sing. Yup, that's what I'm going to do! :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bits of Wisdom

The big Wedding event in our family is already behind us. Who knew that it would go by so quickly? Since this was the third and final wedding in our family, I'd say we came away from them all with tiny bits of wisdom....
the top of the list is: cut corners elsewhere but insist on hiring a wedding planner to do all the setting up, clean-up, help with all the silly details that you could never remember to's SO worth it!! It meant we had nothing to do but follow orders and sit back to enjoy it all. The previous two weddings was, well....gorgeous, touching, etc. BUT a whole lot of work!!I'm sure there are many a Bride out there who can attest to that!
Next: Wear comfortable shoes so you can dance the night away. Too much stressful energy goes into the whole pre-planning so dancing is a good stress-buster (and darn fun!!)
In-Between:Don't forget the kleenex...crying is a given so you better come prepared. After all, you don't want to ruin your make-up :P
There you go....the only other tiny bit I can say is....have fun!!Seize the moment....the chance to make memories passes by all too quickly and you won't want to miss one second of it!

More Wedding Memories

Monday, August 20, 2007

So, here we are!

Jackson - son of Jenny & Colin and our adorable grandson

Here is the radiant Bride - Jennifer Froese

The parents of the Groom - Us :)

Our precious grandson and grand daughter - Tyson & Kaylie

Our son & daughter-in-law - Kevin & Jodie

The Groom - Colin

The Froese Family

Hmmmm, well, this is the Willeboordse Family discussing what??

Kevin, Jodie, Tyson & Kaylie

The cake

The kids playing after dinner - fun, fun!!

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Well, we're home from our time in southern BC. It was a wonderful time and the wedding was spectacular!! All my sons are married now and we're so proud of them. I will post pics soon, but I can't seem to get ahead of things just yet.

Friday, August 17, 2007

You're Tagged

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Leaving in the Morning

We're leaving tomorrow morning at 5:00am, so I'll say goodnight and goodbye for 10 days.

ABC News: From Cheerleader to Coma Victim

ABC News: From Cheerleader to Coma Victim

This story is so similar to Colin's, that it's incredible. Colin is this girl's age, the accident happed the same year and she is at the same point in life as Colin, except her right side is worse. Watch the video clip and you'll see the rehab Colin went thru as well. It took both of them 3 years to get to as far as they have.

Friday, August 3, 2007

7 more days!

The countdown to the wedding is fast drawing to W-Day!! In exactly one week my son will stand proudly at the end of the aisle and watch his beloved Jenny come toward him, in all her beauty and with adoring eyes, to join him forever as his life's partner.
Are those tears running down my cheeks??

Divine Yaya Sisterhood

Divine Yaya Sisterhood

Today is my baby sister's 32nd Birthday(standing on the right). She is just two years older than our oldest son! The past several years we've grown so tight knit, forming a very close sisterhood of us four sisters. I can say in all truth that I would not have made it through the past 11 months without my sisters.
So, here's to my beautiful sis! May this coming year of change be a happy, healthy one :)

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Proud Mom

Three more days left until we leave for the wedding. I'm excited! It's calling for sunshine and nice temps...oh yay!! I've just put together some thoughts for my speech...I've done lots of technically I don't have to give a speech and what I've penned isn't exactly what I'd call a speech....a few words, some sentiments....ok, I'm proud of my son and that sorta came through. *sigh* I just saw a commercial on TV. It's an advertisement for Rogers telephone. There sits a plump, sweet, gray-haired Gramma bragging about her grandkids and staying in touch with them on a daily basis. I came to the conclusion that it's acceptable to be proud of your kids and I'm going to brag. Hey, I've certainly earned it :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

We Welcome August

"Summer afternoons-
summer afternoons; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language."
-Henry James

It's arrived! August....the hottest, driest month of the year. But it's all brand new today. Dream with me for a refreshing swims, hot lazy days, bushes of succulent ripe berries, roasting corn-on-the-cob over a campfire, long walks in the cool of the evening, the smell of hay driving by a field, huge heads of waving sunflowers, gardens with ripe squash and zucchini,children wearing goggles and splashing in cool waters or running thru sprinklers,the hum of air conditioners,the smells of BBQ meals.....can you see it, feel it, smell it?? Now, make those dreams a reality.