Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bits of Wisdom

The big Wedding event in our family is already behind us. Who knew that it would go by so quickly? Since this was the third and final wedding in our family, I'd say we came away from them all with tiny bits of wisdom....
the top of the list is: cut corners elsewhere but insist on hiring a wedding planner to do all the setting up, clean-up, help with all the silly details that you could never remember to's SO worth it!! It meant we had nothing to do but follow orders and sit back to enjoy it all. The previous two weddings was, well....gorgeous, touching, etc. BUT a whole lot of work!!I'm sure there are many a Bride out there who can attest to that!
Next: Wear comfortable shoes so you can dance the night away. Too much stressful energy goes into the whole pre-planning so dancing is a good stress-buster (and darn fun!!)
In-Between:Don't forget the kleenex...crying is a given so you better come prepared. After all, you don't want to ruin your make-up :P
There you go....the only other tiny bit I can say is....have fun!!Seize the moment....the chance to make memories passes by all too quickly and you won't want to miss one second of it!