Thursday, August 30, 2007

Lost!'s the thing. My hubby has had this week off so far because of the muddy roads and oil well leases caused by this insufferable rainy weather. Now, I'm not used to having him around all day nor is he used to being around, although I've noticed he's drinking in this free time to work on his web-site. I decided to trade in a whole bunch of DVDs that we either don't like or will never watch again and that gave me enough $s to buy Season 2 of Lost. We were already into Season 1, so I figured that if it's so wet out and we can't possibly visit friends/family or keep ourselves otherwise amused every single moment, we may as well hunker in and watch a season or two.
What we didn't count on was how we've been subtly drawn into the vortex of the Island. I never noticed it being quite this addictive when watching it week by week, but watching one after the other grips you and you just have to know what's coming next!!
Last evening we sat here the entire time just willing them to find baby Aaron back and open that Hatch already!! We were just a few episodes from the cliff-hanger season the time we could breath again and Danielle had returned Aaron and the dynamite blew off the Hatch top, it was 1:30am!! Yup, I'd say we're officially addicted to Lost. This may seem very sad to some of you but to us it's called life in a small Northern town, where it's been raining and raining and raining!!