Saturday, August 25, 2007

Rainy Night Adventure

Last evening I had a bit of an adventure. My friend called in the aft and asked if I'd like to go with a carload of friends out to King Valley Camp where our church is having their Family Camp for four days. She wanted me to drive her car there since she has night-vision problems and her care holds one more passenger than mine. I've driven her car before and under worse weather conditions that rain(snow storm).....or so I thought :P
The Camp is located out in the country.....really out in the country!! Good thing we drove out in the daylight cuz I have no idea if I'd ever have found it otherwise. Anyhow, we joined everyone for supper and then a talent show. That was SO great!! So many families got up and strutted their stuff and we laughed and sang little kid action songs...well it was fun!
By 9:30 it was time to leave....we came out into the pouring rain. Remember me telling you about the mud around here?? Slick clay is more like it....I always say that the soil here is so saturated with oil that the mud turns into an oil slick....not that I have fact of that but that's my observation. So, we slip-slide to the car. I turn the car around, blindly make my way out to the road. There are NO street lights nor moon light to guide me and it seems as if the darkness just swallows the head lights. All of a sudden the sky opens up and we're talking rain that comes pelting down, bouncing off the ground making a fog-like layer on the road. No lines to follow??? Where the heck did the road go?? Oiy!! My friend is a "back-seat-driver" so she's telling me to switch to high-beam, watch out for the deer and slow down all in the same breath....I'm thinking "SHUT-UP!!" but am too polite to yell that out loud.
You have got to picture this scene coming up.....10% downhill grade....literally, switch-back, hair-pin corners, pouring rain and NO lines on the road whatsoever!! So, first the stretch leading up to this and then those fancy curves!!! The homestretch seems like a walk in the park in comparison. I've NEVER been SO happy in my entire life to make it back into town again. I swear I'll NEVER live on the other side of those one could pay me enough to move to Rose Prairie.....and don't let that name fool you....there are wicked curved roads with no lines for thorns on that Rose!!! As for those "precious, cute" deer....not so cute when they're starring into the high-beams of my car! How do they manage to be standing in the middle of the road all of a sudden??
There's no place like home :)