Sunday, September 16, 2007

I Need Warmth!

It's a rainy, chilly day out and for the first time this fall I had to break down and turn on the furnace. I'm so thankful that my brother came out and cleaned all the ducts and put in a new filter, cuz I didn't get that blast of "burnt dust" smell in my home. I've fought hard to keep the furnace from being used but now it's just too chilly. I also noticed that my lawn has started turning brown.
I went to church this morning, wearing a summer skirt with matching top and flip-flops....ok, too chilly so I suppose it's time to bring out my fall/winter wardrobe. I really hate this transition cuz I love wearing summer clothes, flip-flops and going out in shirt sleeves. I think this calls for me to be going to Grande Prairie to shop and get my wardrobe updated. I noticed this spring that I have some long-sleeved t-shirts that are ratty around the collar, some cords that I've had to stitch several times, but the seams keep pulling apart (once they start, it's like this never ending battle!!)
Well, that's for another time. Today I accomplished turning on the baby step at a time :P