Tuesday, September 25, 2007

It's Amazing what you find...

These two pretty girlies were found by their Aunty (me of course) on I mentioned scrapbooking a recipe book for my daughters-in-law, to share recipes from myself, my Mom and Grandma to my sisters. There is a recipe to making homemade bubbles but I don't have a picture of that so Rachel suggested Goggling to find one and print it out. In my journey around the Internet I came across this pic.....amazing, hey?? And NO, Rach didn't even tell me this existed! :P


Rach said...

OMGoodness, my girls are just so little! Wow, I had totally forgotten about looking up homemade bubbles and making those sheets of "bubble patterns" with the girls. I guess I should be more careful where I post photos of samples if I can't remember where I've posted them .. but how neat for you to find it and share. :D

Mz.Elle said...

Awwww!! They look so young!
I think it's so funny that you found them like that:)