Monday, September 3, 2007

Manners, Sharing, Caring and Learning

Here we are.....the countdown to Back-to-School is in the final more sleep. I wonder how many kids are actually excited about this?? I know most parents are!! BUT there are some Mommies dreading to send their firstborn out the door to school....worried if their child will be fine.....knowing they will miss having them home. Then there are the Mommies who are sending their baby off to school. What are they going to do with all the kids in school?? It's a difficult transition and one that requires that faith to take a step into the unknown. When once Mommy was the major caregiver in that young life, now suddenly gets torn away and the teacher becomes the major caregiver. The youngsters peers influence their lives more and it feels like Mommy has lost control and thats a very scary place to be.
I'm thinking of all the Moms tomorrow morning, since I too once shared that "first day back" ripping of the apron strings. It does get easier, as all "firsts" do. You finally get a glimpse of what those first tender years of you guidance has hear your child say "Thank-you" to those in charge, to see them choose all on their own to share the swing, to see that child bend over a friend who has scraped a knee and say the same comforting words you've said to them. You see the first hesitant steps towards independence.....and that dear Mommies, is the ultimate gift you can give your child!


Rach said...

I don't know why, but I'm bawling just reading your post. I guess because you're talking directly at me and knowing my emotions. I know we've talked about this already, but it's IS such a scary thing to be sending my baby off to school and handing over all the nurturing to an unknown stranger .. hoping they can devote themselves and love your child just as much as I do.

I have a feeling I'll be sneaking around the school grounds around lunchtime recess for the next few days at least. ;)