Thursday, September 20, 2007

Needles and Knots

Hubby got home yesterday afternoon and so I was able to ask him how to do a few things I wanted to do on the computer. I was shocked when he said he doesn't know and isn't familiar enough with graphics...huh??!! Did he come crashing down from the pedestal I had him on...humph! LOL! So, for now I'm kind of stuck and will have to give up on that project. Oh well.
I decided to pull out fall/winter clothes and tuck my spring/summer clothes away. It's not really something I felt like doing but I know that if we get sunny, warmer weather it's still not going to go back to shorts/tank-top weather. I have some laundry processing just to make certain things are clean.
I've started a knitting project again and Mom offered to help me make one of those double fleece blanket/throw that are all the rage right now....the ones with the knot-tied edges. She has access to a long, big table where we can work from. I thought that may be a very fun thing to do with her. I'm thinking that I could make some Christmas and baby gifts of those. I have three nieces expecting babies right now.
I guess I won't have any problems finding indoor projects to keep me busy thru the winter :)


Mz.Elle said...

I love those fleece blankets!
I'm currently whipping up blankies for couch snuggling for my entire family. I've got Ciari's done and am working on Dev's now. Of course I'm last,by that time I'll be freezing I'm sure,heh.

I'm in the middle of the clothes swap always makes me feel sad..goodbye summer..sniff sniff

Rach said...

I hate doing the clothes switch too! I tend to do the girls first because there's are actually tucked away in boxes. Mine are just up on the shelf in the closet so pretty accessible anytime.

I think you and Mom will have alot of fun making those blankets together. My most favourite snuggling blanket is a fleece one .. I tend to steal the girls Pooh and Blues Clues ones tho. lol

Now you have me very curious about the graphic thing you wanted figured out. Maybe I can help you out?