Thursday, September 13, 2007

Seasons & Holidays

It's a gorgeous fall day. It's kind of a transitional time, since the nights really cool off and there is frost predicted in the next few nights, but yesterday I had to mow our lawn and it's still as green and growing like it's summer. The leaves are pretty much yellow and I saw swirls of them on the road and parking lots, dancing in the wind.
I walked into Walmart and the Dollar Store yesterday and couldn't help but notice that Halloween stuff is out already!! Somehow it takes me longer to transition between season's and holidays than the surprise there!
So, my way of coping with feeling like I'm always behind all the changes around me is to change my home with the seasons in the effort of getting my brain to absorb it before moving quickly into the next one. Does that work??......well, no but those who come to visit at least get the impression that I'm organized and on the for me! :)


Mz.Elle said...

I saw all the Halloween stuff out too! I will admit to buying some skeletons,a door knocker wih a black cat on it,and a big skeleton for my hubby..hee hee
I like to change my home with the seasons too. It's fun and the kids love it. We're going to be getting our Fall stuff out soon...