Tuesday, September 4, 2007

What is this I hear???

The hardest part is done! You've succeeded! How on earth did you do it? You set the alarm clock and got up with a smile on your lips, singing "It's the most wonderful time of the year"....and no, that wasn't just the Staples commercial you're hearing....that is actually your voice. You fix a good breakfast, get the kid's snacks ready and then turn to the bedrooms. I mean, how difficult could it be to wake the kids up today....they're excited right?? How is it that they consider your voice their alarm and are hitting the snooze button...hmpf....the little ones are all up and cheerful, eating their breakfast and jabbering away in high speed. Hate to break it to you.....teens lose their brains for a few years and they have to re-learn everything, even how to respond to being called and how to differentiate between that cheerful "Time to wake uuup" to "Wake up NOW or else!!". Finally it's up to the bedroom you stomp, rip the blankets from over their heads, pull the iPod ear-buds from their ears and yell in their ear....and they wonder what's gotten you all worked up *sigh* Time for a quick glass of juice and forget that brown lunch bag....they can't be caught eating healthy....that would never do!! The race is the car for you to taxi them to school....or the bus (even that could be a challenge because "Suzy's Mom always takes her to school when she's missed the bus, Mom!"). So, where did that smile go?? What was that "ditty" you were singing?? Hmmm!
Wait a minute......that's your home and your kids....I forgot....I have an empty nest.....I don't have to go through that every morning....Wahoo!!!


Anonymous said...

HI Faye!

How true eh? Josh has never been one for sleeping in though, so we never have trouble getting him going in the morning. It must be a girl thing, 'cause I know I don't jump out of bed as soon as my eyes are awake! The kids had a great first day at school today!