Monday, October 1, 2007

Birthday Month

Wow.....October has arrived!!! I've been saying how I hate the transition from summer to fall, but find that once we're into the fall season the crisp, sunny days are SO amazing! This is also the month I was born and we were married in. I was still a young girl of 19 when we got married (I know...INSANE!!)and six days later I turned 20. I felt like an "old" soul though, when we got married since I had such a lot of responsibilities at home. I was ready.....ya right!
Anyhow, this week we have Thanksgiving to look forward to. I got a call from my niece last night, who is planning the family Thanksgiving dinner. Each family unit contributes to the dinner. Since we're a rather large group, the dinner is held in the dining hall of my parent's church, but it's always a big affair and is nice to have the space for the kids to play in. Pictionary is the game we play, since all can participate and the guys vs. gals makes for a very boisterous, fun time.
I was particularly happy to wake up to brilliant sunshine this morning. It's just what the "Doc" ordered to help lift my sad heart. A good beginning to a new week and a new month :)


Mz.Elle said...

The sun shining down always brightens me up a bit too:)

I love your family tradition for Thanksgiving,that sounds like a lot of fun.

Hee,I was married young too,21. I had my son when I was younger though,a week before my 20th birthday...I thought I was so mature. HA!