Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday, Monday....

Yup, the weekend is over with a fresh week begun. Today is dedicated to cleaning. I had a lousy weekend (you don't want to hear about it, trust me!) and nothing got done. I usually go out to be with friends but that's been cancelled, so here I sit in my PJ's, after cleaning and scrubbing. I need a shower now :P
This will be a very fun week for kids and parents alike. Going to a Halloween party, going door to door Trick or Treating,digging thru your Kid's candy stash to find all your favorites, or just hanging out home watching scary movies, is what most plan to do on Wed. I'll be one sitting at home, watching movies and waiting for my grandkids to come knocking on my door. Usually I go over to the church to help with the program and tons of treats handed out to all in the community who look forward to games and a horse trough loaded with all sorts of candy. Not this year.
Enjoy this upcoming week.


Anonymous said...

The last few years were too busy at the church, with too many people playing the games at one time. We preferred to take the kids there though, as it's so much safer for them. Last year, they had a mobile unit going around town - are they not doing that again this year? I'm glad there's no snow!

Faye said...

The church is not doing Candy Planet this year, which is really too bad. It was insanely busy at the church and has gotten SO big that the Fire Marshall said no more. So, last year they went mobile and had a short performance and handed out candy. I think they are rethinking how to do this.