Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Patience is a Virtue

So, why is it that I never learn to be patient?? If my patience has been tested a gazillion times, why haven't I learned it and finally have peace of mind without feeling that impatience over and over?? Well, whatever!! We drove down south to buy tires for G's truck....turns out they are far cheaper buying them here but since it seems like everyone else and their dog needs winter tires right now, there was a delay...umpf! Then I got us all packed and ready to go yesterday mid-aft only to find out that before putting the tires on the truck they checked the brakes....yup, need new much so that they wouldn't allow the truck to leave the yard....all I can say is that I'm grateful we didn't discover this going down a steep hill in the canyon...whew!
Yesterday was also my Birthday so I got to celebrate it with Colin, Jenny and Jackson as well. Fun!!
Happy Birthday to Rachel today.....have a great day sis!!
So, here's hoping we get to chat again on Fri., when I'm home again.


Rach said...

I wondered where you were! So, I'll expect our regular emails to resume Friday? :P

I'm glad you had a nice birthday, and spent it with Col and fam. That's so special!

Mine was good too. I got spoiled!
Have a safe trip home! *hugs*

Mz.Elle said...

Hope your ride home is safe!
Wave as you come through Williams Lake,lol