Thursday, November 22, 2007

From Drip to Stuff

Yup, what I thought was going to leave in a day or two has moved from a horribly drippy nose to stuffed sinuses....ugh! The pressure makes even my molars hurt. I was wondering why chewing gum yesterday aft was making my teeth hurt. Nothing a Sinutab won't fix over the next day or two.

So, I hear that my niece was in labor yesterday but the baby hasn't arrived yet. Must have been a false alarm, but she is getting very impatient! She is 8 days over-due.I guess her Doc isn't going to induce until 14 days over...that's nothing new cuz I remember going 14 days over....not fun and by then you're rolling around cuz it's easier than trying to stand up :P

It's a gorgeous wintry day. I'm planning on pulling out Christmas decorations this weekend. I'm listening to C-mas music on my XM radio and loving it!I always send my C-mas cards off by Dec. 1st along with a letter but I've decided to go totally different this year. I received so many cards from fund raising groups(Cancer, Alzheimer, etc.)so I'm just adding a pic of hubby & I in it and send that off rather than make my own C-mas cards and typing up a newsletter to print out. I figured I'd start addressing envelopes this aft.