Tuesday, November 6, 2007

It's still there!

Yes, the snow is still layering everything like glistening icing on a cake. It's very pretty with the sun making it sparkle. I haven't gone out to make a snowman's really not deep enough yet.

George & I are going to help a friend move this evening so having the snow under foot may not be any help, cuz it tracks in and then makes the floor wet and slippery...yuck! I'm going thru old totes of stuff to see if I have anything I can give her, since she has lived in one room in her son & daughter-in-law's home and doesn't have much. What a lot of work though! Whew!


Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm not impressed with the snow sticking! I was hoping for a green (well, around here, brown) winter! Ba-hum-bug!