Sunday, November 4, 2007

A Keeper

Well, I think I'll keep this template. I just wanted to change things up a's fun! I also wanted to have a fresh look that'll keep me upbeat thru the winter :) It seems that so many of us suffer from S.A.D., and our winters up here are rather long, so I do what I can to keep things going.

The other thing I'm going to do for myself is change my toe nail polish to a vibrant red. I just got a box of mini-polishes in glittery colors for the Christmas season, so I may as well play with them :) I don't really run around that often in bare feet in the winter but I still want to see my feet decorated for Christmas.

I got a call from Colin yesterday....what a tease he is! He cannot for the life of him keep something a secret....he HAS to tell someone! Jenny and him got my C-mas gift yesterday....apparently very nice. Yeah....and I need to know this why?? guessed it....they are both so terrible about keeping it all to themselves so they told me they have the gift but wanted to tell their Dad what it is....stinkers!! But now I'm already getting excited and I have ALL this time to wait....I think that should be considered torture! Is there a law against that do ya think?? Hmmmm!

The sun is shining and we can dance a jig cuz there wasn't a snow fall this weekend like predicted. Mind you, now that Colin & Jenny blew it and mentioned a gift, I'm afraid I'm leaning more towards snow and C-mas carols. I heard the kids practicing for the C-mas concert this morning in church. *sigh* Maybe if I plug my ears and hum, I can hide for a bit longer. Oh darn....not working! :P


Ms.L said...

La la La La la La la la
I'm afraid I'm the same way but seeing things from your point of view has me reconsidering!

Are you North enough to get less daylight than I would?? I can't remember how that works.. I imagine it's harder and darker for you:( I found a device on ebay for only 24 dollars that simulates a sunrise by using a lamp to wake a person up naturally. When payday comes I'm buying it and I'll let you know how it works.
I love your idea of painting your toenails a pretty colour!

Rach said...

Oh that stinker Colin! Now you're going to be on pins and needles waiting for 7.5 weeks until the big day. lol

Your template's nice and bright .. and it's nice to see green longer into the fallish months .. so I'm glad you're keeping it. :)