Saturday, November 24, 2007

Pucks and Tucks

I went to my grandson's hockey game last eve. He was Goalie and did such an awesome job that they won!! You should have heard his cheering section :P He made such awesome saves....and I'm VERY proud of him. I love it that he's at the age where the games are so awesome to watch, rather than painfully sitting thru a game when he was younger and you just wish they had a wind-up key on their back so you could speed them up.
Afterwards, Tyson and Kaylie came for a sleepover. Popcorn, hot chocolate and snuggles...I love it. Tyson still loves to snuggle up and have me scratch his back or run my fingers thru his hair. Kaylie is my little flutter-Budgie who can only sit still enough for a hug. But I try to squeeze as many as I can into an evening. This morning was an early one and the kids were in no mood to get up....they usually go to bed far earlier but last night it was 10:00. Tyson had a hockey practice to go to though....glad it's not me having to do the taxiing anymore :P