Friday, November 16, 2007

Pull up a Chair and have Coffee with me....

I'm still giggling at something my sis wrote on her Blog. You see, she is crocheting a hat, with ear covers and braids attached and she had her hubby try it on for size, since it's a C-mas gift for her daughter. Have you seen that new Wendy's commercial where the guy is wearing the "Wendy" red hair with braids....yup, I'm whooping at that picture in my mind ;D

Anyhow, It's been a busy day which started out having a coffee with a friend and then getting my grocery shopping done. It's always so wonderful to have well stocked pantry and fridge.

I have a painting class again tomorrow. I'm painting a Christmas candle set into poinsettias, all in reds and then the finale of glitter. I'm very excited about this painting since I've wanted to paint it since last C-mas. I'm going to be doing something totally different this time. Instead of framing it, I'm actually going to be painting it on a hard canvas that can be hung as is. Fun!

On Monday it's my parents anniversary.Some of us are meeting up with them at the Chinese Restaurant to celebrate it and I'm going to give them my Parrot Tulip painting. Since they are Dutch and have admired my paintings, I want to give them one that very meaningful to me. So, I'm just going to stick a big bow on the corner of the frame. I was going to give it to them for Christmas, but I can't wait that long.. ;P
Enjoy your weekend!


Lucinda Naia said...

This morning I enjoyed coffee on my patio while chatting on phone with my mom.

Hope you enjoy your weekend!

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