Thursday, November 1, 2007

Welcome Sweet November

Here we are into a brand new month. Don't you just hear the words "Time flies by too quickly?" AND "Before you know it, it'll be Christmas?" Yeah, me to. I know that every year, once Thanksgiving and Halloween are behind us, that pretty much means Christmas is on it's heels and I never feel prepared. I'm hoping that this year, since we've decided to keep things very low-key, that I can enjoy the season without the stress of last minute gift shopping in crowded stores.
That said, there isn't even snow on the ground yet and I'm certainly not going to moan about that! It's a sunny day and all whispers of a haunted night have blown away in the very windy dark hours before dawn and we've woken to a gorgeous November 1st! Enjoy you day!


Ms.L said...

Mmm,what a wonderful way to wake to November!
We don't have any snow either.
Last year we had feet of it!
It's nice to be dry and snowless this late.
It's always a bit of a shock for me to see November on the calender even though I'm like a little kid with Christmas.By the end of November I'll be almost crazy,lol

Enjoy your wonderful day!