Friday, November 2, 2007

What's that Blowing In??

It seems like that very cold wind is bringing snow along it's wings. But so far we're not seeing any white stuff, but it's certainly overcast. Hmmm....I'm NOT saying that I'd welcome snow so much as if we get any precipitation that it be snow and not rain. Mud around here is not my fav thing :P


Anonymous said...

Yes, isn't that an Arctic wind and not a chinook one? BRRRR.... I'm thankful for no snow, but going around TorT would have been perfect without that freezing wind!

Ms.L said...

Oooh and isn't the mud just like glue??
We were supposed to get a huge snowfall(had the warning and everything) but it never arrived.
I feel like all I ever do from Octber on is wait for the first significant snow fall...