Monday, November 5, 2007

Will this stick?

Guess what??? It snowed this aft and it looks like it may last. It's a bit wet so it's made the roads slick....especially at stop signs. If this doesn't melt then the trucks will layer the sand on the streets and that'll solve skidding into the intersection. Living in North-eastern BC means we're unique since we don't ever change our time. We just get shorter and shorter days(in the fall/winter). Thankfully we do get lots of sunshine when it's not snowing, so that helps keep the spirits up.
Our neighbor was out yesterday late aft and I was wondering what the heck he was hammering at. It turns out he was hanging Christmas lights. It's a good idea since it's getting mighty chilly out to be fiddling around with that, but it all seems to be leading up to Christmas in a hurry!
Well, back to doing my laundry. I got a late start on it cuz I had to go into the hospital to get blood-work done at the Lab. They have one gal sitting at the desk, punching us all into the computer and one gal doing all the blood-work and ECGs. Needless to say, I sat there with dozens of others waiting and waiting and waiting....2 1/2 hours!!!!! I bring a good book and pretend I'm not sitting in a crowded waiting room on an uncomfortable chair that is crammed so close to the next person we have to scrunch our arms tight to our sides to fit. Talk about up close and personal...and we're all fasting and have disgusting breath...oh joy :P