Sunday, December 16, 2007

.....and presents under the Tree.....


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It's feeling so festive in my home! Now that all the C-mas decorations are done and the gifts are under the tree, I can now sit back and just enjoy. Gift wrapping can be so hard on the back, but it's such a great feeling of accomplishment to see them all under and surrounding the tree. I always like to get that done so I can just enjoy seeing the gifts there before C-mas morning, when they all disappear in a matter of minutes. Well, actually a little longer than that since we always have one person at a time open a gift and ohhhhh & ahhhhh over it :) It's sort of like the turkey dinner though.....all the time and effort that goes into the details of the meal, setting a gorgeous table and getting all dressed up.....and then it's over far too fast. BUT what fun it is to over indulge for a day (or the season). Here's lifting a cup of eggnog to the Advent of Christmas!