Sunday, December 16, 2007


I'm thinking that those of us who venture into any store at this time of year must have courage. Have you been brave enough to leave home with plans of shopping?? Ok....our small town mall NEVER has a full parking lot....until this close to C-mas. And totally forget getting anywhere near the front door of Walmart!! After a nice walk from the far side of the parking lot and thru the doors, then one must trudge back out again and find the scarce carts. Still whistling a C-mas carol off key, I finally push the cart thru the was quite a feat, since the wheels dig into the snow, catching the grit and that in turn locks'd get inside the store just as quick if you had the brut strength to carry the darn thing!! And now the fun first I was polite and stopped to let people navigate around me. I also parked my cart strategically so I as not to be right in front of a shelf someone may need to get to. Yeah....well, if everyone else was so kind, there wouldn't be such grumpy shoppers. I gave apologies!....and I just kept humming C-mas Carols off key :P I think that deserves a Lion's Medal of Courage :)