Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Deck the Halls......

I had a fun morning.....I finally gave up on DH being home to help set up and decorate the C-mas tree, sooooo.....yup, I did myself :P It's a big job (I had NO idea....every year it's been DH or the boys helping with that heavy part)I pulled out all the decorations and had fun. I cranked up the C-mas music and with each teddy bear decoration(I love teddies, so one year I bought 12 of them)I thought of each of my family members. One year, just after David & Karen started dating, we chose one to represent each member. Since I've given the boys each their own decorations for their own trees, I went and bought new balls, etc., keeping only a precious few of their home-made ones. I placed the Angel on top (although it's a stretch for me and I see it's
So, the totes with empty containers are put away and I've tackled that guest room once again....It's really far too full cuz DH doesn't have a shed for his tools, etc. so when I go to pull totes or anything, I have to unload the closet in order to get to what I want, which is always ironically at the bottom or back...ugh!
I'm waiting for the floor to dry, after sweeping and mopping it and then I'll set up the bed.
For some reason it's a lot of work getting set up and ready for Christmas, but it is sure worth it!! I found gift bags, ribbon, bows and gift tags so I pulled out the gifts....ok, I have more than enough, particularly since we agreed to "small and simple". the heck did I manage that?? I have one more gift to get Jackson (only cuz all the kids HAVE to get the same amount, right?)I'm getting him a big Tonka dump truck with three smaller trucks (I ordered it from Sears so I won't have to venture into a mall or Walmart cuz I just hate the crowds and temptations)In all fairness to myself, and to sooth my guilty soul, I did get practical things, like clothes, gloves/mitts, boots...well, you get the picture :P I just need to get the gifts wrapped and then go into the $ store to get more if I run out.
Well, I'm sure the floor is dry, so off I go.


Mz.Elle said...

You've been a busy bee!

My tree and star are always crooked,lol Actually I'm starting to think it's MY head that's crooked;p

I like your new festive look!