Monday, December 10, 2007

Fine China and Stinky Locker Rooms

Ok....back to Mon. and the chores that come with it. I'm processing the last load of laundry and got my floors swept, mopped and vacuumed. I had Kaylie over Sat. night for a sleepover and we landed up making quite the mess yesterday. She was here until 4:30pm, so after going along to church with us, we came home and had fun! I planned a tea-party, complete with fine china teapot, sugar & creamer served up teacups & saucers. I made us peanut-butter/jam finger sandwiches and added shortbread cookies on the side. Perfect party to have on a blankie on the floor :) While eating we watched Barbie in The Nutcracker. It was fun and took me waaayyyy back to long ago tea parties I'd have with my cousins.
Jodie came by to pick Little Missy up and informed us that in the early morning game, Tyson was the Goalie once again and it was a shut-out....he's just such a great Goalie. They had won all their games so were in the finals and the Coach decided to pull Tyson from Goalie and give the other guy a chance....they lost miserably....and I mean miserably!They had a rotten attitude and grumped around in the locker room. Jodie said the Coaches gave a good tongue-lashing, telling them that they had better learn to be better sports....not so cocky!
And so another busy, full weekend has ended. On to the routine of another week.


Mz.Elle said...

I used to have tea parties like that with my you think I could convince my 14 year old son to join in again?? I just bet I might..

Faye said...

Yes, I bet you could too :) My guys love having tea means tea and food.....what's not to like about it?? tee-hee