Saturday, December 8, 2007

Winning Streak

I'm a very proud Gramma right now. I've gone to two of my grandson's hockey games in this week's Tournament in Dawson Creek. Both games were a win...last night 4-1 and then this aft 8-1. Last night Tyson was the goalie and this aft he played defense and actually scored the last goal of the game.We're a very boisterous group of parents and grandparents from Fort St. John and let everyone know who were are :) One Mom from the opposition got so mad at us and the penalty her son had to serve that she started yelling and just about got herself thrown out of the arena.....we sat there feeling rather smug, I must admit.
This aft Grandpa could tag along and get in some of the action. He sat in the back seat with the kids and you should have heard the guys carry on...sheesh, guys sure know how to yuk it up after a win :P LOL


Mz.Elle said...

LOL,my hubby is the same way with the kids:)

Congrats proud Grandma!
That must have been a hoot!

Heehee,I'd be feeling smug too
and well behaved,lol