Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bits & Pieces

The sun is making the snow glitter and sparkle, making it so bright out I have to squint. But it's warmed up to -3c and is so delightful to be out in.

Our church is bursting at the seams with new babies born and along with that come the baby showers. We have one coming up for three babies, so today when I popped into Walmart I found Care Bears on a Clearance shelf and was thrilled to buy one for each. Sometimes I just don't know what to get them.

My neighbor's husband works in the Oil patch, like mine. He hubby took their truck to work and is staying out in Camp, so I offered for her to use my car when she needs it. So, yesterday I stayed with the 3 year-old twin boys while she popped down to the grocery store for some needed food. They are hysterical....they finish each other's sentences, try to talk over each other and pull me into their bedroom to show off all their toys. They have the cutest big cheeks and are quite a handful. I love it!! :)

My hubby drove way up the Alaska Highway to work the night shift. He is a Safety Tech. At night the Testers pull gas samples once an hour to monitor the Well and hubby has to go along to make sure they are not overcome with sour gas, which is lethal (well, that's quite a simplistic explanation, but you get the point). My oldest son is a Tester and happened to be working the day shift.After waiting for the night Testers to show up, they heard that the guys were in an accident on their way in to work. The two men were ambulanced back into town to the hospital and the truck was totaled!! Not what anyone wanted to hear. Thank God, the men are ok. So, consequently hubby got sent home and on the way into town he had to stop and gather as much stuff as he could find from the truck. These guys carry huge tool boxes and lots of equipment.

Just to end on a happier note, I get to go to my grandson's hockey game on Fri. night and yell and cheer his team about great therapy :)