Thursday, January 3, 2008


What started as a nuisance has become a full blown head cold. I say "blown" very's not easy to blow my's like my sinuses need to feel full and so they are reluctant to blow it all away. Yes, it's the "common" cold that hits everyone usually once through out the winter season. That doesn't make the experience any more fun to deal with though. So, I've been snuffling around for a week already but today is the first day that my head actually hurts! I have taken all the herbal, immune-boosting stuff I can but it looks like this needs to run it's course...darn it all!
Excuse me while I sneeze and go blow my nose.....again!


Rach said...

I LOVE your new background!

Maybe it's time to get in and see the doc? Could it be you've got an infection now? Hoping the course it has to run, is shorter then longer.

Mz.Elle said...

Aww no!
It sounds like you have the same thing my husband has. It is awful
and takes forever to go away in people who have sinus problems anyways(like he does) He's been sick since before Christmas,I hope YOU take after me. I only got the mild dose.
Here's hoping you get well,right quick!