Monday, January 28, 2008

Global Warming 2???

I haven't posted a 2 part entry yet but this one deserves a follow-up. It's -38c!! It's a week day and both our vehicles didn't want to turn over. It's called "not-starting-our babies-yesterday" predicament. Part 2 of that scenario is that my car wouldn't turn over, no matter what and hubby's truck wasn't plugged in, since we only have one cord(the second one shorted out) and he didn't have to leave for work today, so it was only me going out.....big mistake!! After plugging the truck in for several hours it finally turned over and is running to warm up. Hubby will give my car a boost and then we're going to go buy another cord :P
This cold snap sure takes a toll on us....our vehicles....on everything!!