Sunday, January 27, 2008

Global Warming??

Huh?? Not in this neck of the woods....that's for sure!! It's a frigid -31c and is supposed to remain freezing like that for the entire final week of January. So much for fuel emissions adding to the global "crisis" we idol our trucks and cars the entire time we're out and about, for fear of them not starting. Does that mean we have this bubble of warmth over the frozen tundra?? Hey, have the scientists even considered that maybe, just maybe that would actually be welcomed??
In some parts of the same province crocuses are pushing their heads thru the ground in keen anticipation of spring, but up here we're lucky to hear birds chirping in Walmart.
So, as I bundle up to venture out, think of me if you only need to put on a small jacket to go to admire the purple blossom's peeking out in your flower beds :P


Anonymous said...

And don't forget about the windchill, making it -50! I know, when it gets this cold (and this snap is colder and longer than most), I wonder about Global Warming too. But then in the summer, I wonder how it could possibly get so hot and dry here too, so then I AM a believer of the climate change theory! It must be cold if those poor little birdies are seeking shelter in stores! I just don't want to get shat upon when I'm in there.

Mz.Elle said...

Hahahahahaha,I'm in the SAME boat.
You have it way worse than us though,as you already know.
Stay safe:)