Monday, January 21, 2008

Life in Real Time

A fresh snowfall started out the weekend, making our world pure and clean once again. Some of the snowflakes were huge and in the sunshine they sparkled and glittered like diamonds. Last evening we went out for dinner and we noticed a glorious moon. The sky was so clear, making the moon a huge globe of light, with the Old Man clearly visible. As we drove the moon seemed to follow us and stepping out of the car at the restaurant we noticed clouds moving across the moon-beams, creating an almost haunting effect. And so ended our weekend.

I'm a reality show fan and watched the finale to The Amazing Race. I'm glad to say that the couple I was cheering on, won. What I find fascinating about this show is that by cooperating and working together, teams of two contestants move forward faster and better than those who bicker, fight and slam each other. Of course there is an element of chance and unforeseen glitches which trip up the teams along the way, that factors into the elimination process. I just think it's a mirror of real life and real relationships....not to mention how totally annoying it is to listen to the constant rivalry....that gets old fast!! Do any of you have friends like that?? Or a family that is in constant bicker mode?? Then you know how uncomfortable it is to sit and listen to it.

Speaking of family....we had my brother and sis-in-law over for coffee yesterday afternoon. I can't help but wonder why we live in the same town but don't see much of each other. Funny how that is and brings me back to the entry in this Blog a little while back, about how the busyness of life can rob us from the things that are the most important to, health, stopping to smell the roses, etc.Don't make the same mistake today....or for the rest of the week :)


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