Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Picking my Brain

It's a gorgeous, sunny winter day. The temps are milder again, after hovering around the -20c mark again. I pretty much cleared and packed up the Christmas decor and put things back to my regular decor. I am keeping a few wintry things out yet though.

I have discovered through all this that I don't have enough new calendars. Not that I usually hang a lot of them but I couldn't find one for my small Calendar frame or one for in my bathroom. I did hang the scrapping one on my fridge. It was just too big to hang anywhere else and the moisture damage it would get in the bathroom would ruin it.

I also went thru the tote that has all my gift bags/wrap/bows and discarded tissue paper that I was going to recycle in a new gift bag, but some is just too wrinkled and quite frankly, tacky. I have not embraced recycling as my new religion, nor made a New Years Resolution to do so. I have started with card board, paper and plastic containers...but I'll admit I'm not committed to going green as some people I know.

Now that my confession is out there, I guess I feel better, however I may have some people who are totally appalled that I'm not doing my part towards making our planet green. I can see me changing my opinion eventually.

So, guess what Dr. Phil's show is about.....the number 1 NYR in America.....Diets...wahoo! NOT!!! I SO agree about weight gain and loss as a result of lifestyle. I've read his book....good, but I'm still large. I do want to make healthier choices this year and I'm thinking I'm not going to like it.

So, there is a peek into my brain today. Hmmmm....interesting :)Random :)