Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I figured I've talked enough about my health....I'm just tired of hanging in there and wondering when I'll feel great,when I'll be able to take a deep breath and it not hurt, sooooo....
It's good to hear the kids laughing, squealing and playing outside in the snow once again. School is back in, after a nice long Christmas break. I'm not totally sure the kids are happy about the school part, but obviously they missed playing together, by the sounds of it. Moms nationwide breathe a collective sigh of relief to get back to a routine schedule. I know my grandkids were showing signs of grouchy lack of sleep.

One of my Christmas gifts was a paint easel and I'm really looking forward to getting a few added items and getting started painting again. Unfortunately, I will miss this upcoming Sat. class, which is due to my health, but I have many techniques to go over.

I spent an hour looking online for vacation get-away packages.....just for the fun of it....well, and if there were some really good deals....and yes, there are, but for now I'll have to day-dream....we're not going anywhere this winter. I'm thinking, as I seem to every Jan., that it would be wise to plan a tropical vacation within the freezing couple months of the New Year. I think most of us experience the anticlimax of Christmas and feel the need for warmth and sunshine. I'll have to make a mental note to plan for that in 2009 :P

Well, I better get back to gathering work receipts and paperwork hubby needs to file his income tax. It is always such an effort to get it all together to send to our accountant and I procrastinate to the last millisecond, so this year I figured that since I can't get out of the house right now, that would be the best time to knuckle down and get that done.


Mz.Elle said...

I've been thinking about a tropical getaway too. I saw Hawaii for 699 a person..sigh..

You're smart and ambitious to get the tax stuff done early!