Monday, January 14, 2008

Tea Party

It's an overcast day and looks like it could very well snow, but it's mild and I'm loving that!
I'm feeling almost like my old self again and so of course, I needed to get out of the house....I was going stir-crazy! So, yesterday I went to church and then out for lunch with a friend. Can you believe we actually sat in the restaurant for 3 hours??

I also decided that I didn't want my Mom's Birthday to pass without some sort of celebration. Her B-day is the 24th, but I knew more would be able to make it to a party on the 26th. I know Mom loves going to quaint little tea shops and when I lived in the Lower Mainland I loved to search for tea shops I wanted to take Mom to. So, since there is no such thing here, I decided to plan a Birthday Tea Party. I've invited all of Mom's friends, my sisters-in-law, the older grand-daughters and a few of my friends. I've arranged to have it in the dining hall of Mom's church, since there will be quite a few of us, and serve tea out of china teapots, in cups and saucers. I have a gorgeous tea set that I got for a wedding gift, as well as cups & saucers and have asked some others to bring theirs as well. I'm keeping it simple, serving only fruit, finger sandwiches and Birthday cake. I'll add a lovely table cloth and pretty napkins. I'm searching for a few games to play, just to break the ice and have fun. Everyone will mingle and visit around. I asked that the gifts be simple and handmade or home-baked. This is just up my Mom's alley and it'll make her feel so special :)


Rach said...

Mom is going to LOVE LOVE LOVE her party. It's so down her alley!