Friday, January 11, 2008


Yes, another week has zoomed by and we're headed, nose first, into another weekend. Why is it that I'm feeling like time just flies? I mean, I know the whole age related theory and it's probably a proven , scientific fact, but I'm wondering how true it really is. So, take for example, I hear that theory from a lot of people and the interesting part is, that many of them are 20-30 years younger than me!! So, what does that mean....we leave the cradle and suddenly time starts speeding up?? I don't remember thinking, feeling or saying that time goes faster the older I get, until I was maybe in my 40's. I have my own theory.....I think that as kids and teens and maybe well into our 20's (and maybe our 30's) we live like it'll be forever. We try new things all the time, take risks, play and spend many an evening out with friends and generally keeping busy with things we love to do. As we appraoch and cross over into more responsibilities, life isn't always fun....we need evenings at home to rest, we fill more hours working or thinking of work. Our time becomes less "our" time and is given over to spouses, kids, name it.
So....what am I saying? Could it be that we don't stop to play, smell the roses and savor life like when we were young, so it feels like we have less time, making it a rare commodity, thus feeling like it flies because we are not consciously enjoying every minute. When we come up for air after filling many, many hours with responsibilities, the leftover hours rush by and then we're right back at it.
How about making an effort to take time to "play", time to enjoy life, time to savor nature, time to connect with loved ones.....maybe we'll even find that we have "more" time.


Karen said...

Faye, this is the most profound thing I've read on your blog and you have some good ones!

Faye said...

Thank you Karen :)I don't know what came over me

Rach said...

Oh my dear and wise sister .. you always have such great advice, are such a tender support, and have so many outstanding words to share. I want to slow down and enjoy each and every moment .. both the good and the bad.