Friday, January 18, 2008

TV Remote is in the Hand of Queen of this Castle :)

I have hubby home for the weekend, which is always a treat. During the inter months we pretty much figure on not seeing each other much, so his days off are welcome. I dragged him out to help me grocery shop. He really does hate doing that but it's just so much easier for me if he can help with dragging bags in and out of the cart and into the house.

Hubby got home late aft yesterday so I was being a good girl and sharing the TV remote with him. Actually, he was watching TV while I did some last minute e-mailing. He decided to watch Man vs. Wild on the Discovery channel. No word of a lie....that was the most disgusting show!! It was all about what this guy eats when going into the remote areas of all countries and finding food in the wild. He tried spiders, grasshoppers, beetles to name a few. Now those weren't so bad. When he sampled local delicacies, like a camel's stomach contents, sheep testicles, goat fat....well, I was dry heaving just listening to it, never mind watching it. Then he goes into how to stay hydrated....ok, I draw the line at squeezing the fluid out of elephant dung or drinking my own urine....I mean, is this guy crazy? Who in their right mind even tries this out??? If I knew eating and drinking weren't part of the travel plans, would I even consider going into the Sahara Desert?? And what's's not like his plane crashed so he has to survive until help come....nope, he voluntarily does this for TV....I swear, that's the stupidest thing I've heard of in my life!!! And then Hubby wonders why I grabbed the remote back :P Humpf!!

I'll not make the same mistake this evening either! If there is nothing on TV then it will simply get turned off. I don't think my stomach can take another round of that.

Anyhow, enjoy the weekend. Go do something fun!


Mz.Elle said...

*shudder* that show is GROSS!
My hubs was watching it and I glanced over just in time to see that jerk kill a big spider for no other reason than to show us what gross part we could eat. How many animals has he killed and for what?? To show us some skill or information we're never going to use,will want to use or need?
He makes me so mad.

I love that you got your remote back,lol Good for you! ;p

Anonymous said...

What wrong in stomaching a spidey?