Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Drops of Oil, Cough Drops and Vicks

I'm really down and out with this cough, but rather than bore you with the details, let me just say I'm grateful for sunny, mild weather and such a cozy home to rest in.
I am also grateful for and smell like Eucalyptus and Vicks. Well, it certainly beats the smell of arthritis rub, haha!
I have decided that if ever there is a time to watch mindless day time TV, it's today. That's because I'm just too exhausted to feel guilty :P


Mz.Elle said...

Heee,my dad used to use Asorbine Jr. and a zillion other remedies and I liked the smell of all them,lol. Vicks is pretty good too;)

Enjoy your restful day!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you're feeling sick again, Faye! Our kids haven't been feeling great this week, either. Didya get that cute kitty yet? I love cats and they're so much easier to look after than dogs! Deb :)